Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chibi Usagi!

Another picture I left in the great wall of Usagi art in the "Year of the Rabbit: Usagi Yojimbo" exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum in LA. Travelled ALL the way to Los Angeles for this exhibit (also for the Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses)
If I had access to a scanner I would totally have done that but I was at the exhibit at the time :(

Pikachu and Snorlax

I will be FOREVER a Pokemon Trainer!This is a trading card I made for a trading card swap, PIkachu on top of one of my favorite Pokémon, the 'lax!(Snorlax) Gave it to a good friend, so I know this is in good hands :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Juggernaut Lu

My sworn bro asked I i can draw him as the Juggernaut killstreak from Call of Duty: MW3. He wanted to color himself so I have this lineart I wanted to share.


This is a drawing of Ra I did fro my cousin's history project and presentation, and he told me everyone loved it. His professor was impressed as well. I assume he got good grade ;)

Monday, November 12, 2012


Well I'm showing my face for once (dude with the green shirt). This is a pic taken during my trip to Namjatown with my friends at Sunshine City in Tokyo, Japan. My gosh it felt like only yesterday. When I took my first step into this Gyoza Stadium, I made it my goal to get my stamp card complete, a dozen of beers and gyozas later I was presented with THIS: a certifcate that commemorates our accomplishment to order at least once from EVERY shop in the Stadium. It was a touching moment for me, almost shed a tear or two. Ahhh this day was such a blast. I should really get to posting my pics form Japan though, this memory simply stood out at the moment for me.

Clubber Lang the Ankylosaurus

Scrapped tee design D:
I have a soft spot in my heart for this guy, I LOVE dinos but I wish people liked him too, guess we can't always win every battle.

Son of Usagi

Well in 2011 there was a "Year of the Rabbit" exhibit in Los Angeles showcasing my FAVORITE artist Stan Sakai. It was a dream com true walking into those doors and immersing myself in everything this man did. When I reached THIS part of the exhibit i stood here for an hour drawing like 3 pieces of art. This one is "Son of Usagi" I was blown away with the exhibit my creative juices to draw "my own character" were in shock so I did this instead. Paying my homage to one of the greatest artists in my heart!

El Fisher Tiger Vive

A NEW T-shirt screen I'm going to have printed soon, just a personal thing because I LOVE One Piece and the character Fisher Tiger (they also call him brother Tai for short), there was someone from the Arlong Park Forums that sparked this idea in my head. Inspired by the famous Che Guevara photo (ALSO am a fan of his)

Marauder's Map for a Sweet 21

Welp this was part of a huge project my best friend requested from me. She wanted her "sweet 21" theme to be a Harry Potter birthday so I made the invitations to reflect that. Here was the map I inserted in all the invites that went out. I tried my best using aerial photo references of Lincoln Park to make this map happen.

Keyblade Project

I always loved Kingdom Hearts, I had it in my mind the other day, and decided to draw something inspired by the series. I'm a fan of the blue/purple mix so I like incorporating it in most of my designs.